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Canadian tour update

I spoke with Ador Charming around 10:30 p.m. Central Time. All he said right then was that the Peterborough show canceled. He didn't go into any specific details at the time because they were having difficulty getting a signal with the moble phones. Personally, I'm glad that they made it into Canada and are safe. It's difficult for bands to cross the border. I jumped a few hoops and got their server admin to update the site (since I don't work for ToneZone anymore).

The Canadian portion of the tour is as follows:
Tuesday April 29th - Peterborough @ The Trasheteria ( c ) CANCELLED
Wednesday April 30th - North Bay @ Barracudas ( confirmed )
Thursday May 1st - Barrie @ The Foundation ( confirmed )
Friday May 2nd - Oshawa @ The Dungeon ( confirmed - moved from Saturday )
Saturday May 3rd - Toronto @ The Vatikan ( confirmed - moved from Friday )

If I hear of any other changes, I will do my best to post them here and update their calendars.
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Im so unimpressed. It would have been great if I found out BEFORE I was standing outside the goddamn club. I know its not your fault, but this has DEFINITLY put a bad taste in my mouth regarding BPC.
I'm pretty certain it wasn't BPC's fault. They had every intention to play the show. I did hear from them via e-mail from Chicago and they were on their way to play there.
Yeah, I heard it was a booking error. I mean if they were that determined to play, and that grateful of their fans, and they were in the area, it would have been nice for them to stop by and atleast tell us who were waiting that they would not be coming. That would have kept me coming back for more.
It was a booking error imagine the surprise here when only days before we recieved a message from another opening band they wouldnt be playing....Long story short the booker "released" hence no one was informed and it became "assumed" (on the clubs part) that there was no BPC show...The old booker neglected to tell anyone and unless 5hr4p3L didn't make contact with the club to confirm load in times and get the message alot of angry folks would have travelled down from barrie >:(...Im still not impressed over the whole thing BUT I do get to see BPC tonight in Barrie
it should say "was released" fired not working etc etc
Lucky. I've got a baby and it was my only chance to make their show.
Sorry about what happened Wraith but there is nothing anyone on here could've done. I found out after Meghann did, while I was in Barrie and didn't get the full story until I ran into BPC the next day.

Yep...promoter fuck ups to say the least. I'm glad that the Toronto and Barrie shows went well, but that is because BPC had some additional support for those dates...namely us.

All I can say is that the next time they come through later this year will be incredible. And at least you'll know who exactly to bitch at if something goes wrong *paints a big bullseye on my stomach*