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United 2 Tour

Hey Ladies and Gents,
I dont know if its to post this hear but Candyxxx is going to be on the tour!

im a feild rep for my fav band of all time PIGFACE and I thought I would plug the tour. Check out some of the shows on the tour!!
check out the link for the dates
thers going to be members from all sorts of great underground music on this line up

Charles Levi (of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult)
Curse Mackey (of Evil Mothers and Grim Faeries) and
Jared Louche – front man of Chemlab
J.S. Clayden (front-man for Pitchshifter)
Guenter Schulz
En Esch of Slick Idiot (ex-KMFDM)
Fi Killpatrick (UK media darlings DRAGSTER)
Kamela Lise (Apocalypse Theatre)
Candyxxx (Bozo Porno Circus)
Michelle Walters (VooDou)
Seibold (Hate Dept)
and of coarce
Martin Atkins - (Killing Joke, PiL, Ministry NiN etc)
and if you havent herd of pigface deff check em out!!
p.s. if this is too off topic please remove and except my appologies ALso sorry for all the U.K. & Ausie people who cant go
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